The Official journal of the China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons and the 88th Hospital of PLA

Composite Impact Factor:

0. 948 (2015)

Total citation frequency: 3868 (2015)

ISSN 1005-8478

CN 37-1247/R

    The origination of Orthopedic Journal of China is Poliomyelitis Study, which was founded in 1985. And it was renamed to the current name by approve of Ministry of Science and Technology and State Press and Publication Administration in March 1994, with the domestic serial number CN37-1247/R and the international standard serial number ISSN1005-8478. Former vice chairman of the central military commission, state councilor and defense minister Chi Hao Tian wrote the journal title. The journal is supervised by China Disabled Persons Federation, sponsored by China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons and the 88th hospital of PLA, and operated by Orthopaedic Centre of PLA. It has been an important platform for professional exchange on orthopaedic field. Since its establishment 17 years ago, we has been always persisting the guiding principle focusing on readers/authors, centre on quality, facing clinical practicing, facing primary level, based on domestic market, expanding to the international market. In recent years, it obtained excellent achievement in construction of digital elaborate periodical and double-benefit periodical. Statistics on annual published paper amount, citation frequency and impact factor is on top of same specialty periodicals. It was selected as first exhibition literal file relics for Museum of Chinese Characters in 2011, and became the collaborate media of International Orthopaedics (belonging to SICOT) in 2010. In 2011, it was rated as Chinese boutique sci-tech periodical. It has been rated as excellent periodical repeatedly by the state, the army and province news publishing department.


    The unique features of Orthopedic Journal of China include innovation, practicality, timeliness and diversified information. It has been indexed by more than 10 databases such as CACD (Chinese version of SCI), CSTPCD(China), CSTIC(China), SA(USA), AJ(Russia), et al. Its the only orthopaedic journal who received registration trade mark, the only semi-monthly publishing, the only double-edition periodical in China. The license number for advertising is 10100, with permission for prescription drug advertise. The domestic post office subscription code is 24-097, the international post office subscription code is SM3859.

    Orthopedic Journal of China was rated as Chinese boutique sci-tech periodical by Chinese Science and Technology Information Institute.  According to Chinese science and Technology Journal Citation Report of year 2011, the measuring index (including total cites, influencing factor, rate cited, rate of funded paper, average number of citations) of Orthopedic Journal of China is the 172nd in all 1998 periodicals (within the first 200 periodicals), the 5th in 59 surgical periodicals, and the 2nd in all 15 orthopaedics periodicals. According to the statistical result from CNKI, the past total citation reached to 6180, rate of funded paper 0.21, Web downloading number 22 630 000, compound impact factor 0.864. There are 3080 organization users at home and abroad, including 68 organization users in Hong Kong, Macau and Tai Wan, 35 international users from north America, Australia, Europe and southeast Asia. It has been included by Harvard University, Yale University, Oxford University and Australia national library, Japan national library, Singapore national library and France defense ministry. Personal readers are from 31 nations or regions.