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Comparison of open lateral arthrodesis versus arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis

Author : ZOU Yun- xuan, ZHANG Hong-ning, SHEN Guo-dong, ZHU Yong-zhan, YIN Hang.     
Working unit : Department of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Foshan City, Foshan 528000, China
Page : 913-917.
Key words : ankle, end-stage arthrosis, open lateral ankle arthrodesis, arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis
  Abstract: [Objective] To compare the clinical outcomes of open lateral ankle arthrodesis versus arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis. [Methods] A retrospective study was conducted on 47 patients who received ankle arthrodesis for end-stage ankle arthrosis from January 2015 to December 2018 in our department. In term of surgical procedure performed, 27 patients received open lateral ankle arthrodesis, while the remaining 20 patients underwent arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis. The perioperative, follow-up and radiographic documents were compared between the two groups. [Results] All patients in both groups received successful operation. The open group consumed significantly shorter operation than the arthroscopic group (P<0.001) , whereas the former had significantly greater postoperative drainage and hospital stay than the latter (P<0.001) . As time went during followup period more than 12 months, the VAS score significantly decreased, whereas the AOFAS score significantly increased in both group (P<0.001) . Regardless no statistical significances before operation and at 12 months after operation (P>0.05) , the arthroscopic group proved superior to the open group at 6 months in VAS and AOFAS scores (P<0.001) . Regarding to imaging assessment, all the patients got bony fusion at 6 months after operation, without a statistically significant difference in fusion rate at 3 months between the two group (P>0.05) . The open group had significantly greater postoperative tibiotalar valgus angle than the arthroscopic group (P<0.05) . [Conclusion] Both open lateral ankle arthrodesis and arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis is effective procedure to correct deformity and improve function for end-stage ankle arthrosis, by contrast, the arthroscopic arthrodesis is superior to the conventional open one with benefits of minimizing iatrogenic trauma and improving outcomes.
Comparison of open lateral arthrodesis versus arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis   
ZOU Yun- xuan, ZHANG Hong-ning, SHEN Guo-dong, ZHU Yong-zhan, YIN Hang.
Orthop J Chin, 28(11):   913-917.