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Effect of single low-dose dexamethasone on pain following total hip arthroplasty

Author : LEI Yi-ting, XU Bin, ZHANG Shao-yun, et al.     
Working unit : Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,WestChina Hospital,Sichuan University,Chengdu 610041,China
Page : 1963-1967
Key words : dexamethasone,total hip arthroplasty, pain management, inflammation



To evaluate the effect and safety of a single low-dose postoperative dexamethasone DXon

pain following total hip arthroplastyTHA.


From May 2016 to August 2016,110 patients who underwent THA were randomly divided into the DX group and placebo group. At 1h-2h postoperatively, the patients in the DX group received a single dose of 10 mg DX intravenously, while those in the placebo group were given the same amount of normal saline. The pain intensity at rest and during mobilization, consumption of analgesic, inflammatory factors, hospital stay, range of motion, and adverse reaction were carefully recorded and compared.


At 24 h and 48h after operation, the DX group was scored significantly lower dynamic VAS, associated with less consumption of analgesic compared with the placebo group P<0.05. In term of inflammatory factors, the C-reaction proteinCPRin the DX group proved significantly lower than the placebo group at 48, 72 h after operationP>0.05, similarly, the interleukin 6IL-6in the DX group was considerably lower than the placebo group at 24, 48 and 72 h postoperativelyP>0.05. In addition, patients in the DX group had significantly shortened hospital stayP=0.003, with improved ROM before dischargeP<0.001over the placebo group. No incision infection or gastrointestinal hemorrhage was noted in any patient of both groups.


Single low-dose dexamethasone postoperatively does enhance pain control, reduce the postoperative level of CRP and IL6, shorten hospital stay, and improve mobility of the affected hip followingtotal hip arthroplasty without increasing the risk of infection and gastrointestinal hemorrhage.

Effect of single low-dose dexamethasone on pain following total hip arthroplasty   
LEI Yi-ting, XU Bin, ZHANG Shao-yun, et al.
Orthop J Chin,2017,25(21):   1963-1967