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Current treatment of delaminated rotator cuff tears

Author : LIU Wen-ke, NIE Mao, WAN Hai-min, SHU Han, YIN Liangjun.     
Working unit : Orthopaedic Department, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing 400010, China
Page : 2266-2269
Key words : delaminated rotator cuff tears, arthroscopically assisted mini open technique, total arthroscopic technique,separate double-layer suture, en masse suture
 Abstract: At present the specific reasons for delaminated rotator cuff tears are not clear. However, the presence of delamination is reported to be negatively associated with tendon healing and a negative prognostic factor for functional rehabilitation after arthroscopic repair. No consensus on understanding of the biomechanics and choosing of repair methods for the delaminated rotator cuff tears have been achieved up to now. The delaminated rotator cuff tear is mainly composed of superficial bursal layer and the deeper articular layer. It has been demonstrated that the articular layer is under greater stress than bursal layer before delaminated rotator cuff repairs, and both the superficial and deep layers in the delaminated cuff tears mainly retracted posteromedially. Some studies showed that a synovial-like lining presented between the delaminated rotator cuff, which should be removed prior to repair. Currently, the diagnosis of delaminated rotator cuff tears mainly comes from intraoperative exploration, and the treatment is divided into arthroscopically assisted mini open rotator cuff repair and total arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. However, there is no consensus on whether en mass suture or separate double-layer suture. Therefore, this paper summarizes the biomechanics, treatment and research progress of delaminated rotator cuff tears.
Current treatment of delaminated rotator cuff tears   
LIU Wen-ke, NIE Mao, WAN Hai-min, SHU Han, YIN Liangjun.
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